Friday, June 03, 2016


Tools wedding is definitely not going to be forgotten soon...YEAH...
I'm so in love with her dress and of cause they were lots of wow looks...lets take a peak

Monday, April 25, 2016

What Is The Biggest Lie Your Ex Ever Told You ???

 What is the biggest lie your ex ever told you? i know a lot of us have been told a million lies and you know the funniest thing?Those lies felt true at the time been told..
Okay mine said to me ''i will forever love you,if you ever leave me,i'll kill myself (as in him o ), you and the other man)..of course these weren't true as there was some other babe...another one is ''You are the 2nd girl i'm having s3x with since have been on earth ..yinmu..LMAO

So my darlings what were yours?

How To Keep A Drama Free Friendship

Image result for drama free friendship

 Friendship is a wonderful thing,it can be fun, wild,and even scary ..YEA! You see i have quite a number of friends,the good ,fun-loving,quiet ones,and lots more ,i'm sure some of you can testify to am i not right?Atinuke (my cutie cute),Bunmi Omoshola-Yusuf (My BFF),Taiwo Diyaolu-Bamgbade(my love),Ikeoluwa and Kenny( unbreakable besties),Yetunde Adelaja( my sis from another mam),Seyi Ogundipe (My never a dull moment paddy), Adekitan (my darling)Vivian Pedro( my paddy), Bisoye(cool calm one) if i keep on with the names ehh,won't finish in days lol..Bukky, Lawal,Bukky Jibodu,Edna, and my surest paddy of all Emmanuel Gbenebuchie.

So back to our gist,Friendship can sometimes be messy ( not dramatic) most especially with ladies, i have heard a lot of ladies say 'oh i preffer to have male friends to female, oh i can't deal with ladies...some even go as far as '' Oh God bless me with a male boss..YEAH..i'm sure some of you can relate to this.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Nigerian Ladies : How To Wear Agbada

Trully fashion has no can never draw a line when it comes to fashion,those days are gone when it was only Nigerian men that wears agbada,now the ladies have taken over..well not exactly taking over but they are simply saying ';what a man can rock,a woman will rock it better lol ''
Take a look at these beautiful ladies in agbada
Mercy Aigbe Gentry

Monday, February 08, 2016

Three Hot Naija Men

Hehehe...well it's a magazine cover but you will agree these men are hot..YEAP.. Richard Mofedamijo aka RMD is truly forever young
Instagram media bellanaijaonline - We just love this cover!!! Three hot HOT men @timidakolo @mofedamijo @ikosakioduwa for @genevievemagazine

Your thoughts?

Photo credit : IG/ Genevieve Magazine

Photos : King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal Celebrates Daughter's Third Birthday

The fuji musician had a birthday party for his daughter and it was well attended by family,friends ..take a look at the photos from the party.
Cute birthday girl

From Selling Bread To Gracing Top Magazine Cover :Olajumoke Orisaguna

Tinie Tempah Ty Bello

What a wonderful story,looks like a dream,Olajumoke was a bread seller who accidentally was photographed by Ty Bello while photographing Tinie Tempah on the street of Lagos for a ThisDay Style cover feature. During the shoot,She was going about her usual business of selling bread, and happened to walk into a shot...and boom everyone started asking if she was a model…and that was how the search for Olajumoke began,and she was found.Isn't she lovely